Friday, 19 August 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

I had to confess to somebody this week that I didn't know if I had any love in me. To give or to receive, What is Love anyway?

My feelings surrounding most things are indifferent, the thing is I have such a non-opinion of myself that to offer emotional feelings to others or to accept them for myself can be quite hard.

I have only just been able to accept God's love, which I thank Him every day for, I don't know why I get it, i just do.  But love offered to me by another, I kind of don't really believe it, I don't think they're lieing, I just brush it off as being un-important.

I finished last weeks post by concluding All You Need Is Love.  I do believe this and if I can just learn to love myself (pass the bucket!) I am sure things will start to fall into place.

God Is Love, and he created us in His image, so that means we must be love, right?

It seems like such a cliche to not be able to quantify love, how do you describe it?  I know I am coming out of an emtional shut-down, so maybe this is 'normal' at the moment, and when I am fully up and running again, I will be bursting with so much love it will annoy those who are desparate for it at the moment! I can only pray so!

I have even just finished reading 5 Love Languages .........guess what, I couldn't identify mine!

What's yours?

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  1. HI, I ENJOYED READING YOUR POSTS. I'M GLAD YOU ARE EXCEPTING God's love, he so wants to love us, like we love our children, but even greater. I don't know what I would do without the Lord. Visit my site,, please leave a comment.